Called to the Isle of Wight

We were asked to attend St Mary’s hospital on the Isle of Wight to investigate a major issue with a large telephone system (High Range PABX) as there were no companies on the island with the experience of this specialist system. After testing and fault finding we proved that the issue was caused by the network supplier and was not a fault with the telephone system, we implemented a work around to get service restored and reported our findings to the network supplier to rectify.

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Taking NEC SIP mobility to the high seas.

In September 2015 our marine engineering team were asked to produce a solution for VoWLAN (Voice over Wireless LAN) to enable Mobility onboard a fleet of 4 cruise ships. This solution involved 4 SIP gateways, 320 Spectralink handsets and integration to 4 existing legacy telephone systems. Working with WMS at Sea (AT&T Mobility) who designed the wireless infrastructure, we integrated our solution on each vessel over a period of 6 months with an average attendance of 8 days on each ship. The introduction of this technology results in staff around the vessel being contactable at any time and in any location. Should the handset be switched off or not receive a signal, the caller has the option to leave a voicemail message and the user is notified as soon as the handset is available again. This £250,000 project was completed in January 2016, managed and implemented by our project engineer and technical director, Steven Henstock.

We are now in the process of developing an application to run on the Spectralink handsets to enable messaging and emergency alerts via a centralised server.

All in all an extremely interesting project, which involved traversing the Panama Canal and flying to Peru, Mexico, Gibraltar to name a few locations.

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Leasing now available on all business communications solutions from Principal Communications

We are now able to offer business leasing options for up to 7 years on any of our telephone system solutions, this avoids the up front capital expenditure which can often be an issue when looking to upgrade or replace such a key part of your business to a more feature rich solution. Please contact us with your system requirements and we will email a quotation for anything from 3 to 7 years, we can also offer discounted rates on calls, lines and broadband further helping your business to lower it’s monthly costs.

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Fibre Solution implemented across European Cruise Liner fleet.

Principal Communications were approached in November 2014 to deliver a fibre optic solution across a fleet of cruise liners in Europe. The installation of the multimode fibre solution, which is utilised on board to link crucial Communications & IT rooms, has not only sped up the internal network for data transfer at the core allowing the duplication of servers, but also allows disaster recovery processes to be put into place should a system fail.



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Challenge: Design and Implement the largest Panasonic DECT installation in the UK?

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We were approached to design and implement a DECT solution for a very large care village in the UK. The existing Multi-tone system had become unreliable and the customer was looking for a more cost effective reliable solution. The system would … Continue reading

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NEC Philips SOPHO iS3000 – supply of parts, maintenance, upgrades and enhancements

We have worked with the NEC Philips SOPHO iS3000 telephone systems since 1996 and have a vast knowledge of these systems, being ex-employees of Philips Business Communications – we were manufacturer trained on not only the telephone system but also the applications. We have acquired a large amount of spares for the iS3010, iS3030, iS3030e, iS3050, iS3070 and iS3090 and these carry a 12 month warranty as if new. The SOPHO system is a very resilient and user friendly system and we currently maintain systems in the UK and overseas and have installed these systems all over the world, furthermore we have developed our own applications to work alongside the SOPHO.

We currently work on SOPHO systems in the following areas; Emergency Services, Leisure, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Retail, Government……..

Please check our Sopho Spares website for your hardware requirements

The NEC Philips SOPHO iS3000 lives on! You do not need to replace it at a huge cost, as recommended by some companies, you just need a team of engineers who know the system and can maintain it to a high standard for your company.

Please fill out the contact us form or call us to discuss your SOPHO requirements.

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Relocating telephone systems across the UK

Principal Communications have been busy with the installation and relocating of telephone systems in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Birmingham….

….in fact from as far north as Accrington and as far south as Essex. We have been removing the usual Panasonic, Avaya, Siemens systems and installing a solution from the NEC range, namely SV8100 and SL1100.

As we offer a solution and not just a telephone system, our demonstration of our systems highlight how we can help improve business communications using the MyCalls applications. MyCalls not only logs you who has called your business today, but more importantly who you have missed a call from, enabling you to call back and possibly retrieve a missed opportunity. We have scenarios of where this has happened and after installing the new system and having the information to call customers back, customers say that the opportunities gained soon pay for the new system.

To book a demonstration, please fill out our contact form and you too can soon discover how many opportunities your business is missing out on…every day!

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Paxlock Quotation Nottingham & Derby

Principal have just completed a site survey  for the installation of 20 Paxton Paxlock systems utilising an Ethernet bridge roll-out for two serviced apartment blocks in Nottingham and Derby. This project will be completely managed by Principal as we will be installing both the Communications and Technology solutions. Complete Cat5/6 installation, NEC SV8100 telephone system with Hotel Lite application, website and database integration, Net2 software with PaxLock access control and comms room design and installation.

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SV8100 & SL1100 Technology and Business Updates

We have noticed a considerable rise in new telephone system installations and the NEC SV8100 is proving to be a fantastic solution for any type of business. With contact centre solutions, call management packages, desktop management suites and presence making it hard to beat! With the introduction of the SL1100 we are now able to offer a medium to large business solution to our smaller customers. So far this year we have increased our customer base for both maintenance and new installations in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Sheffield, Birmingham, London and now moving across to East Anglia! We have also noticed an increase in customers wanting the ‘complete package’, as we can offer a total building solution using our Technology Team which includes CCTV, Access Control, Structured Cabling and Fibre Solutions. Imagine that – one point of contact for all your technology needs and management!

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Charitable donations – Help Dan

Every year Principal Communications support a charity by donating a small percentage of profits to a charity of our choice, we try to support local and small charities so the funds go to those who need it and are not lost in administration. We have decided this year to support a very good cause, please look at for more information. Dan is the godson of a family friend and he refuses to eat and drink, all of his nutrition is received through a button he has had surgically inserted into his stomach, he has also been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Dan is at school age but needs to be able to eat and drink normally to be allowed to attend and this is where the urgency comes in.

The full story is on their website written and managed by Kevin, Dan’s father, but in brief they need to raise at least £20,000 before April to send Dan over to Austria for treatment as the NHS and Great Ormond Street hospital have been unable to cure Dan’s rare condition. Kevin has been working hard to achieve this and has reached the half-way point but he is not there yet! The fund raising will continue after this milestone to assist with his treatment in future months and years.

Please donate if you can and if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact Kevin at

Thank you for your support

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