NEC Philips SOPHO iS3000 – supply of parts, maintenance, upgrades and enhancements

We have worked with the NEC Philips SOPHO iS3000 telephone systems since 1996 and have a vast knowledge of these systems, being ex-employees of Philips Business Communications – we were manufacturer trained on not only the telephone system but also the applications. We have acquired a large amount of spares for the iS3010, iS3030, iS3030e, iS3050, iS3070 and iS3090 and these carry a 12 month warranty as if new. The SOPHO system is a very resilient and user friendly system and we currently maintain systems in the UK and overseas and have installed these systems all over the world, furthermore we have developed our own applications to work alongside the SOPHO.

We currently work on SOPHO systems in the following areas; Emergency Services, Leisure, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Retail, Government……..

Please check our Sopho Spares website for your hardware requirements

The NEC Philips SOPHO iS3000 lives on! You do not need to replace it at a huge cost, as recommended by some companies, you just need a team of engineers who know the system and can maintain it to a high standard for your company.

Please fill out the contact us form or call us to discuss your SOPHO requirements.

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