Challenge: Design and Implement the largest Panasonic DECT installation in the UK?

We were approached to design and implement a DECT solution for a very large care village in the UK. The existing Multi-tone system had become unreliable and the customer was looking for a more cost effective reliable solution. The system would have to integrate to the existing Nursecall and fire notification systems and after speaking with the technical teams at NEC, Aastra and Panasonic for several weeks and performing on site tests, the Panasonic offering was chosen. The care village consists of a 60 room care home, a TCA 285building containing around 40 flats and a further 80 dwellings located around the site which all required DECT coverage, there is also a cricket pitch and bowling green which required coverage. The existing system was decommissioned on Tuesday afternoon and by Friday the same week the entire system had been replaced with the higher dependency unit being online and operational within 5 hours. This further proves Principal Communications as a true ‘Solutions Provider’ capable of delivering bespoke solutions in any market.

‘This project was particularly challenging due to the nature of the business, we had to be mindful of downtimes and also which areas to liven first based on dependency. A rigid program was put together for our cabling team and all DECT aerials (RFP’s) were swapped out with the cabling converted within 5 days. The Nursecall and Fire integration was also not straightforward as documentation for the existing system was scarce, with all of these factors against us we still delivered!’ Steven Henstock (Principal Project Engineer)

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