Hosted Telephony


We have partnered with the leading data centre solutions provider in the country. Their expertise for hosted solutions far exceeds any other company we have dealt with, thus allowing Principal to design and implement hosted telephony which will save your business money and provide a reliable solution with system redundancy and disaster recovery. Full telephone system features are provided across all your offices due to efficient working from one centrally located and managed core system.

The state of the art data centres have the highest level of security in place, multiple power feeds and are cooled to the perfect operating temperature – certainly a step forward from installing it in the cleaners’ cupboard! We not only host voice services but also have the capacity to centralise your business’s IT solutions leaving you to manage the running of your business whilst we do the rest.

Hosted telephony, or cloud telephony, is becoming more and more popular as there are many benefits for businesses of any size, location or multiple locations.NODE4 Logo

Business Benefits

  • Multi-site businesses can work from one system centrally managed
  • Cost effective as a system is not required on each site
  • Centrally located and managed applications
  • Equipment is located in the perfect environment in our data racks in Derby, fully air-conditioned, highly secure with multiple power feeds
  • Makes relocating your business at short notice very fast indeed should a disaster happen at your current location eg. Floods, fire etc.
  • Centrally managed and maintained allowing a faster response to faults
  • Greater security measures in place to prevent phone system hacking

Customer Case Study

Existing Inherited Configuration

Our customer currently has five locations throughout the UK with an SV8100 system at each office connected via multiple iSDN2s at each location, they have VPN connections between the sites for inter-site calling and MyCalls Enterprise to connect to all five offices.

Principal Communications Proposed Solution

Relocate two of their existing SV8100 systems into our data racks, port the iSDN numbers onto the in-house SIP platform and provide reliable IP connections to each site. As the customer already has IP handsets there will be no expense required for this equipment. The two SV8100 systems will work together to provide redundancy, the offices can call between each other free of charge and with excellent call quality but more than that, they have full system features across the business allowing users at any location to be part of the sales team for example.

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