Relocating telephone systems across the UK

Principal Communications have been busy with the installation and relocating of telephone systems in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Birmingham….

….in fact from as far north as Accrington and as far south as Essex. We have been removing the usual Panasonic, Avaya, Siemens systems and installing a solution from the NEC range, namely SV8100 and SL1100.

As we offer a solution and not just a telephone system, our demonstration of our systems highlight how we can help improve business communications using the MyCalls applications. MyCalls not only logs you who has called your business today, but more importantly who you have missed a call from, enabling you to call back and possibly retrieve a missed opportunity. We have scenarios of where this has happened and after installing the new system and having the information to call customers back, customers say that the opportunities gained soon pay for the new system.

To book a demonstration, please fill out our contact form and you too can soon discover how many opportunities your business is missing out on…every day!

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