End of Year update

We have had a very busy and innovative year. P&O have now adopted our server solutions and we have this year rolled out 3 InteGrate servers (Fire Notification) and 2 wake up servers across their fleet. We have installed many new NEC solutions throughout the UK and supported many customers all over the world. We have completed many cabling projects for both our customers and other dealer/resellers and although CAT6 is greatly talked about, we are still seeing many requests for CAT5e. All our installations carry our 5 year guarantee! We thank all of our customers for their business and look forward to working with you in 2010.

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Bridging the gap between technologies

We are proud and excited to announce the release of a new application, which has been designed, built and developed by ourselves. The product, called integrate and its feature rich bigger brother called integrate plus were the brainchild of senior engineer Steve Henstock. This idea came about after we were approached by Island Telecom Group (ITG) to integrate a fire detection system with an NEC Philips SOPHO telephone system. The protocol offered by the fire detection system was not compatible with the PABX interface so Steve called on his vast years of experience to develop a solution to interface between the two systems, and with the help of our developer it’s here!

integrate in its standard form takes messages from the fire system (or indeed any type of detection/security system) and converts them into telephone calls to notify key staff or members of the public that an incident has been detected and advises them via messages as to the correct action to take.

integrate plus takes this a little further and can email key staff and send text messages for DECT phones to speed up the reaction time.

The possibilities of this product are endless and we are working with several clients to develop it further to meet the extraordinary needs that were once impossible.

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